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supports 2 scripts – 4 languages ; namely Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit and Gujarati, Utilities like the spell checker, Dictionary, font converters (for conversion from one vendor font to another or from non-Unicode to Unicode and reverse), more than 250 fonts available, supports Windows 10 and 64 bit applications
Note : 2 more variants available. Package can be chosen with either Odia or Kannada instead of Gujarati
Basic level software. Supports 9 scripts – 13 languages, Only unicode fonts supported, each script has only 2 fonts, no utilities supported, recommended to work only on Microsoft Office application, support upto Windows 10

Supports 9 scripts – 13 languages, supports both Unicode and non-Unicode fonts, each language has 10 fonts, only Akruti to Akruti converter available supporting only Akruti Personal and Akruti Freedom fonts, Windows 10 compatible and supports 64 bit applications
supports 9 scripts and 13 languages – Utilities are similar to Classic package, contains more than 1000 fonts