Green Inititative

Green Initiative

We with our Halant Books website promote and encourage readers to Go Green! One of our initiatives is to promote ebooks among Indians to give our contribution towards protecting the environment.

Statistically speaking, 32 million trees are cut in order to produce paper for 2 million books. The estimated yield from one tree is enough to make 62.5 books and it takes 20 trees to yield one ton of paper. The publication and newspaper industry around the world on an average produce more than 300 million tonnes of paper. With 125 million trees being cut each year and an emission of over 40 million metric tons of CO2 annually, it is equivalent to the CO2 emission of 7.3 million cars. As of 2012, India is one of the top 5 paper and paperboard consuming countries in the world with India consuming 12.1 million MT of paper out of the 398.9 million MT consumed across the globe. By reducing the use of paper when there is technology available today to support electronic books, we help save trees in every little way possible.


* eBooks reduce paper consumption
* Save energy in book production
* Eliminating packing material, saving energy and cost
* Save fuel
* Reduce pollution required to dispose off books
* Save money
* Save Trees!!!